Everything you need to be a popular drummer

Isn’t it every drummer’s dream to be popular? Which drummer doesn’t want a screaming crowd craving
to hear more of his music? To achieve this you need to have a clear vision. Every path you take must
have no other goal other than to excel as a drummer. Here in this article you will find some tips to
be a popular drummer.

Firstly,  go to a professional trainer who can correct when you go wrong or help you with some new ideas when you fall short. One place to do so is Ossia Music School. They offer a comprehensive course structure from beginner to advanced level. You can check out their page here: http://ossia.edu.sg/course/drums/

Next, you need to gather a lot of ideas and practice to reach perfection. Only when you gather ideas
you can tune your mind to create new ones. One of the things that stands between a drummer who didn’t make it to the popular drummers’ list and a drummer who did, is his level of creativity. A drummer should also learn to convey or express his emotions or feelings to the crowd. This helps him make a connection with the crowd and make them feel like a part of what he is playing. Being versatile is also important for a drummer. He/ She should not be limited to his/her interest, they should take a chance and venture out of their comfort zones to reach new levels catering to the needs of their audience. Carry yourself with the attitude required for your role. The audience sees you the way you show yourself to them.

You can come up with your own ventures to be popular. Now day’s people get a lot of platforms online to showcase their talent. Once you have a firm grip over your drumming, you could start your own channel and feature new videos of you playing different songs. This method can bring you a lot of appreciation as well as criticism and as an artist you should be open to both. It is always important to correct your mistakes to learn faster. You could also start your own website with tips and tricks, you discovered while learning drums and share it with the beginners or teach drumming in your website. Teaching is another great way of learning what you know once again.

At the end, you require a good trainer who could give you a rock-solid foundation, and we could help you with that. At Ossia we offer drumming classes for all age groups at times convenient for you. We have highly professional and skilled staff who can train you well. All you need to do is reach out to us!

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