Parenting Tips for Children with Autism

Taking care of a child with Autism can be challenging for the parents, especially if they have had no prior contact with someone with that condition. However, it doesn’t mean that children like that cannot be helped to make the best use of their lives.  Seeking out Autism therapy is a popular choice for children of all ages.

This article by James Brinsford talks about the incredible journey of an American living with Autism. Kodi Lee was the winner of the 14th season of America’s Got Talent (a talent hunt show in the United States). He’s been living with the condition, yet he won the show because of his amazing voice.  You want to know about how he managed his condition and how his parents helped out? Read more here.

That been said, much depends on the parents of these children to help them utilize what they have while playing down their medical condition. We will now discuss some tips that will help any parent manage this situation.

The following article by HelpGuide explains how parents can help.

Parenting Tips

Identify and focus on their strengths

Even though these children might not be like other kids especially in terms of self-confidence, it is left to you as the parent to help them build up their own confidence level. One way you can do this is by commending them for whatever they may be doing. The more they hear such praises, the happier and more confident they will become.

When you give them a chore and they do it well, call them and thank them specifically on what they did. Don’t just generalize the commendation.  If there are other kids at home, avoid praising them any less than you will praise the other child.

Practice good follow-ups

Children with Autism love people they are free with because they do not get to talk or interact more. If you are not careful, you might find out that your child opens up more to his teacher or colleagues at school. So, discuss with his teacher what was taught at school each day and be prepared to follow up consistently. The idea is to continue from where the teacher stops and as well create an interaction-encouraging platform between you and your child. Read more here.

This article by WebMD also highlights some activities these children love.

Do more of what they enjoy

Children enjoy different activities after school, but what your child with Autism enjoy might differ slightly from activities that other kids find interesting. So, instead of forcing your child to play football or video games, find out what they enjoy doing. Talk to their teachers to also know their thoughts on this subject. The entire family can also plan to play with him. The more fun you have with your child with Autism, the more they see you as their friend.

Don’t isolate them

Some people feel that only the best of their kids should be seen with them. They have this thought because they feel it makes them proud of themselves. If your child lives with this condition, abandon this thought and take them out to places you go regularly. Take them out when you want to do groceries, visit friends, or when you going on a vacation. Read more here.

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